The Benefits of Olive Oil in Hair Applications

When it comes to hair products the degree of choices seems overwhelming especially when each product offers something different.  One product may offer damage repair, another frizz control, the other deep conditioning effects and by the end all you are is a confused customer.

One of the most overlooked hair care product sits in many households without ever being used to its fullest potential -especially with hair  maintenance applications. Olive oil, usually used for everyday cooking, essentially works the same, and is a much healthier and safer product than most of the chemical-laden manufactured hair moisturizing/treatment products. The secret to this natural remedy is the fatty acids within the oil.  When applied, the fatty acids coat the shaft of the hair, repairing and protecting it from further damage.  Olive oil can also serve as a scalp moisturizer, frizz reducer, hair softener, and also increase luster.

The next time you find yourself needing major hair therapy consider your olive oil and see/feel the difference of chemical free hair treatment .

Stay beautiful inside and out.

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