Lash Food: A Natural Solution to Lash Envy

If eyes are the windows to the soul, I’d say lashes are the window treatments. Like drapes to a window, lashes enhance and direct focus to the eyes. When it comes to lashes, bigger and thicker is better. Most lash enhancers are prescription medications that can have serious side effects such as; darkened iris (changes can be as drastic as blue turning brown), swollen retina and blurry vision, red/brown rings around the eyes, redness in the eyes, itchy lid and irritation. Some of these side effects can be permanent.

Lash Food is an over-the-counter lash enhancer that’s proven to make your lashes longer, thicker and stronger—and it’s vegan, cruelty-free and certified natural by EcoCert! By blending rice and soy protein plus a proprietary composition of natural herbal extracts, Lash Food eyelash enhancer delivered improvement in length and density to 100% of product testers, and fullness to 85%—without any pesky side effects or toxic chemicals in the mix. Now anyone interested in getting longer, thicker lashes can try this natural product without worrying about harmful side effects.

Stay beautiful inside and out.



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