The Informed Consumer: Better Decision Making in Cosmetics Selection

Like many life decisions, too much information leads to confusion, while too little leaves one indecisive. When it comes to cosmetics, it’s pretty much the same; too much information without clarification leads to confusion and blind decision making, while too little information leaves much to be desired.  Here are a few tips on selecting the best cosmetics for YOU:

  1. Just because it worked on someone else does not mean it will work the same for you. Trust me when I say, a perm on Caucasian hair is not the  same as a perm on on ‘ethnic’ hair.
  2. READ THE LABEL. Even though you may not have a chemistry/engineering degree, too many ingredients not easily decipherable may spell…CAUTION!
  3. If it tingles (not the minty kind), burns, blisters or causes other undesirable health effects consider a different product. Physical discomfort in response to a cosmetic product is the body’s warning system reminding you to proceed with caution. Burning, itching, and difficulty breathing -in more serious case, are acute side effects resulting from the chemical interactions with the body.
  4. If the cautionary side effects are NOT your ‘cup of tea,’ perhaps a different brand would do. Typical side effects of routine cosmetics application include; fetal neurological damage, hormonal disruptions, potential for cancer, and immune disruptions. Most people do not take the time to read  and understand explicit and implied adverse reactions even when the long terms effects may be dire.
  5. If it is labeled all natural or organic, read the ingredients to verify. If all the listed ingredients generally make sense and  are nature-made, this is a good sign.
  6. If all else fails GOOGLE it. One of the biggest advantages of today’s available technology is the access to  massive information databases right at your fingertips.

Stay beautiful inside, and out.


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