Baby Cosmetics: Organic Body Lotion for You and Your Baby

With all the cosmetics available in today’s marketplace, it is becoming harder to know which ones are truly ‘safe’ especially with all the misleading ‘organic,’ and ‘all-natural’ labels on synthetic chemical-laden products. When considering natural alternatives, why not make an organic body lotion that you and your baby can both enjoy?

Homemade Lotions are great to make from ingredients you already have at home – like organic baby oil, fresh aloe, and more.

Organic body lotion will help with dry skin, wrinkles, even stretch marks!

Making organic lotion at home has many advantages – it can save you money and you can customize your lotion to fit you and your baby’s needs. You also have the benefit of knowing exactly what ingredients are being used, and you can avoid any synthetic chemicals.

Most homemade lotions and organic baby lotion recipes call for organic oils as the base ingredient. Great organic oils like jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, and almond oil are easy to find at your local grocery or health food store.

organic body butters.

Want something a little thicker? Try adding coconut oil – it is solid at room temperature but will melt with the warmth of your hands! Be sure to store it in a cool, dark place – I have mine in my spice cabinet.

If you prefer more of a “body butter” consistancy – try mixing in some shea nut butter or cocoa butter. If you will be adding any rose water or lavender later – be aware that cocoa butter does have a distinctive smell, while shea butter does not. read more