“Chemical-Free” Cosmetics: Word Play or Serious Business?

Whenever someone asks me about the best chemical free cosmetics brands, I heave a big sigh…

This well-intentioned question just goes to show how tricky this natural space has become and how much mis-information is being tossed around.

Often times brands are using the phrase “chemical free” as another tactic in greenwashing — getting people to buy into an idea aimed at selling natural products that’s not real or even possible.

When people ask about chemical free cosmetics they are really expressing that their desire to avoid harsh synthetic ingredients that are toxic and carcinogenic

Unfortunately I see beauty companies promoting their natural-ness by saying they’re a brand of “chemical free” makeup, skin care or moisturizers – but but there’s no such thing! Think back to your chemistry class and remember how two hydrogen and one oxygen atom form a molecule through a chemical bond to create the natural, life-sustaining substance we call “water”. [source].  Read more