Calendula: Natural Cosmetics Benefits

Have you herd of Calendula? What  surprises you most regarding its current uses?  For those who are unfamiliar with this herb, Calendula is an annual flower native to the northern Mediterranean countries. Its name refers to its tendency to bloom with the calendar, usually once a month or with every new moon. Calendula has historically been used as a food, adding flavor to cereals, rice, and soups. The petals can be added to salads for their brilliant color. Historically, American physicians used calendula to treat fevers, cuts, scrapes, bruises, and burns, as well as minor infections of the skin. The antibacterial and immunostimulant properties of the plant make it extremely useful in treating slow-healing cuts and cuts in people who have compromised immune systems. Calendula has been used  in homemade lotions, infant cafe products and even hair coloring products. To find out about more uses for this multipurpose herb click here