Hair Tips: A few Reminders for Your Next Wash Day

Whether it’s length, luster, or bounce you are looking for in your hair, here are a few tips to healthier, lovelier hear and haircare:
  • Retwisting your hair every night is not ideal for daily manipulation as it can cause breakage to your ends. ”If you have to retwist nightly that means that you are not using a styler with enough hold.” If this sounds familiar then it’s time to re-evaluate the products you are using.
  • “Wash Day” should really not take an entire day.  In fact, the shampoo and detangle process shouldn’t take you over an hour. If your shampoo cycle is taking a chunk of time out of your day then it’s time you re-evaluate your regimen and products.
  • Manufacturers have very specific directions for a reason and it is really important as a consumer that we follow them. The longest you should go with conditioner in your hair is 30 minutes. The conditioner has done its job and will not do anything beyond that 30 minute window that you think it’s doing at  four hours. Also, I hear that some of you end up with itchy scalps afterward, so is overnight conditioning really worth it?  Read more
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