June 14, 2017

Deadly Lipsticks

Most women don't think twice about the cosmetics they apply to their bodies,even though these concoctions may sometimes contain deadly chemicals that result in death when used over long periods of time.

November 5, 2015

Skin-care: Not Just A Women’s Issue

Lots of men have at least some idea that they need to take care of their skin. But in the Western world, most guys are about as comfortable discussing skin care or seeming concerned about looking good as they are ...

April 6, 2015

Can Eyeliner Affect Your Eyes?

You might want to think twice before layering on your eyeliner at your lower lash line. A new study in the Eye and Contact Lens journal found that using eyeliner on your inner lash line may put you at risk for infecti...

November 24, 2014

All BB Cremes are Not Created Equal

The origins of BB creams began in the 1960s by a German Scientist, Dr. Christine Schrammek, who formulated the concoction to protect her patients’ skin after facial peels and surgeries.  The current success of BB Crea...

November 19, 2014

The (Ugly) Truth About Lash Enhancers

Even the woman who claims to wear no make-up carries a tube of mascara in her purse. That may be the fundamental reasoning behind why these ‘lash enhancing’ products have become such a hot commodity in today’s beauty ...